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Quantcell: *** Patent No. EP 3 442 036 B1 for a highly efficient silicon-germanium-carbon solar cell ***

It’s here! We present to you the world patent that will revolutionize solar energy: The silicon-germanium-carbon solar cell (Quantcell)!

Are you looking for a way to make your solar modules more powerful and cost-efficient? Do you want to secure a competitive advantage in a fiercely contested market? Then you should take a look at our patent for a highly efficient silicon-germanium-carbon solar cell.

This solar cell is a masterpiece of engineering. It converts light from 300 nm to 1600 nm wavelength into electricity, with an incredible efficiency of over 30%!

For comparison, conventional solar cells only achieve a maximum of 26%. This is because our solar cell uses a unique mechanism that works like a laser, only in reverse. In this process, multiple electrons are generated from one photon, greatly increasing the electricity yield.

But that’s not all. Our solar cell has another ace up its sleeve. It is extremely efficient at oblique light incidence. This means that you no longer have to constantly align your solar modules with the sun.

Our solar cell delivers up to 70% more energy at an angle of 50° than conventional cells. This saves you time, money, and space. Plus, you avoid overheating the cells, which reduces efficiency.

So you see, our solar cell is the sensation you’ve been waiting for. It offers you unparalleled performance, high cost efficiency, and easy handling. What are you waiting for? Secure our Quant Energy patents now and become the market leader in solar energy!

Highly efficient Solar Cell Quant: *** Patent Nr. EP 3 503 211 B1 Quant Tandemcell ***

This is the sensation of the year! We present to you another world patent that will revolutionize solar energy. It is a Quant Tandem Cell that achieves twice the voltage and three times the energy yield of conventional cells. This means more electricity from sunlight, lower costs, and more environmental protection.

What is the secret of this Quant Tandem Cell?

A Quant Tandem Cell is a solar cell consisting of two layers: a standard silicon solar cell and an additional layer of silicon-germanium (SiGe). This combination allows for double the voltage (1 volt) and utilization of the entire spectrum of sunlight. This can achieve an efficiency of more than 35%, which is three times that of a conventional solar cell.

How is this Quant Tandem Cell manufactured?

The production of these cells is simple and cost-effective. The coating of the cells is realized by epitaxy. This is a process in which crystals grow on a surface through gas, pressure, and temperature. This process is already used in the production of the Top Con cell by Fraunhofer. Therefore, all modern cell production lines can be used for the Quant Tandem Cell with minor adjustments. Due to the higher efficiency, production costs are reduced by up to 40%."

Why should you choose this Quant Tandem Cell?

This Quant Tandem Cell is a ground-breaking invention that offers you many advantages:

  • You can generate more electricity from sunlight and thus reduce your energy costs. • You can contribute to climate protection by using renewable energy and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • You can benefit from our exclusive patent, which gives you a competitive advantage.

How can you acquire this Quant Tandem Cell?

We have filed our patent with the European Patent Office, and we are ready to offer it to a serious partner. If you want to learn more about our patent, please contact us. We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to send you further information.

Don’t hesitate any longer; seize this unique opportunity. This Quant Tandem Cell is the future of solar energy. Contact us today and let us advise you on Quant Energy patents.

Highly efficient solar cell from Quant: New Quant Tandemcell

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